Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Autumn Texture Pack Launch!

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Just in time for Christmas we launch our new Autumn Painterly Set, after several weeks of intensive shooting and creating, we now proudly unveil our selection box of treats!
For our third painterly launch we seamlessly move into the Autumn season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Join us on a fragrant walk through majestic country estates, where misty mornings mingle with soft sun on antique stone and Byzantine colours merge with swirling atmospheric incense . Stately aromatic scents were our muse for this autumnal set, spiced with classical timeless French named perfumes inspired by Patrick Suskind's novel 'Perfume'. More inspiration was derived from country house gardens and their famous creators pulling together this seasons aromatic and historical assault on the senses!

The Science bit!
These softer, smoother and, we hope, easier to use textures are now in the same larger landscape format as our evergreen Antique Edges of 4000 x 5000 pixels, giving an extra 20% approx acreage and textural value for money!
Shot using a professional full chip camera, so there is no need to worry about image quality with our new, bigger sizes!

Over the next few holiday weeks we'll be posting our full texture recipes here on the blog and will show the new pack in use along with our classic textures!
Textural Seasons Greetings!!

Autumn Painterly Pack
40 rectangular (4000 by 5000 px) Textures 
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For downloads please click the add to cart button, a download code will be sent to you on payment.Please note that this is big file so the download may take a while perhaps a coffee break would be a good idea while you're downloading. However, reported downloads can take as little as 4 mins with a high speed server!

The autumn textures are high quality,  4000 by 5000 px at 300dpi and can be used for your personal or commercial work. All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc 

Textures in the pack: Ambergris, Ambrosia, Ancient Stucco, Angelique Glace, Aotea Mist, Aquaflore, Artemisia Silver, Balsam, Capability Brown,  Chatsworth,Contre Jour,  Demi Jour, Eau de Giverny, Fleurette Occitane, Gertrude Jekyll, Greystoke, Hampton, Hidcote, l'ocean bleu, l'oxygene, Neroli Roc, Nuage Chantilly, Nuit, Oakmoss, Orris, Ozone Mist, Quelques Flerus, Sauvage Byzantine, Sissinghurst, Solsbury Hill, Stonehenge, Stucco Lite, Styrax, Tapis Vert,  Versailles,  Vetiver, Vieux Gris, Vita, Weta, Xeyrus.

Spring Painterly Pack
40 Large Textures (38 square and two huge rectangles) for only
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Summer Painterly Pack
36 large textures for only $40
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Complete Flypaper Package
 Texboxes 1&2, Fly edges, Spring, Summer and Autumn painterly
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Flypaper Triple Combo Deal
$100 for Tex Box One and Two and the Fly Edges
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Combo Pack Offer
Only $65 for Tex Box One and  Tex Box Two
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Fly Edges Pack
Only $40
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Borealnz (Jill) said...

They're beautiful if I may say so myself! :-)

Doris Rudd said...

These are beautiful!

paulgrand said...

The kind of beauty that makes you cry! :-D

Birgit said...

Beautiful new set!
I'm looking for your new recipes!!

paulgrand said...

Thanks! I'll post one tomorrow on tuesday, we've been too busy posting mailers and haven't had a moment spare, rushed off our feet here!:-)

DaniGirl said...

Oh lookit, just in time for Christmas! "Dear Santa..."

These look lovely!

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