Sunday, April 24, 2011

NEW Spring Painterly Pack!!

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After the success of our Summer Painterly pack we're back with a further addition to the Flypaper line-up. We're thrilled to present this new Spring seasons Painterly pack! 
Inspired by the French Impressionists, we've produced a pack with soft painterly brush strokes, pastel spring skies,  French country linens and impesto painted linen effects. All designed to be just as easy to use as our previous offerings. This fifth set will also compliment the highly popular Lensbaby and soft focus photography.
Amazingly, we've crammed in 40 full size professional textures; 38 squares and 2 bonus landscape formats, all for just $40!

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting our full texture recipes here on the blog and will show the new pack in use along with our classic textures!
Happy Spring Texturing!

Spring Painterly Pack
40 Large Textures (38 square and two huge rectangles) for only
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Please note that this is big file so the download may take a while perhaps a coffee break would be a good idea while you're downloading.

The textures are  unique and high quality,  the 38 square textures are 4000 by 4000 px and the two rectangles are around 6000 by 4000 px, all are 300dpi and can be used for your personal or commercial work. All our textures can be used in any editing programme that supports the use of layers, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp etc

Alphabetical list of textures in the pack: Apple Moss, Beau LingePaysage,  Catacomb Frieze, Cirrus Skies, Citron Vert, Creme Anglaise, Eau de Nil, Galatea, Gelato Ice, Giverny, Heather, Lemoncello, Lyme Fossil, Medusa, Mistral, Moth Wing, Mystic Hues, Naissant Border, Newt, Omega, Opal, Orange Blossom, Ovid Banished, Pantheon Stone, Paysage Linge, Peacock, Printemps Vert, Prospero, Sakura Skies, Scotch Mist, Sisley, Sonnet, Spring Equinox, Swanns Way, Syrinx, Tempest Sea, Temps Retrouve, Umbra Eclipse, Villa Adriana and Xavier.


Lynne Daley said...

Gorgeous! Looking forward to using them and the recipes!

alabs said...

these better make me popular with the flickr ladies! :)

paulgrand said...

Lol,Its already made me a few Getty Selections, so I'm happy with just this popularity!:-)

Linda said...

I have Photoshop CS5 for Mac and PS Elements for PC. Are the filters plug ins for those programs or is there a stand alone program that you use? Do they come with instructions or tutorials?

Anonymous said...

are these usable with Aperture and any of the Nik software? I am not using photoshop at present

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks Lynne and Allen :-)

@anonymous, you'll need an editing programme which supports layers to use textures for example Photoshop, PS elements, Gimp (which is free) and I'm sure there are many others. Feel free to email if you need more help, link at the left :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Linda, the textures aren't photoshop plug-ins or filters, you'll need an editing programme to use them so Photoshop or Elements will be fine. In the left sidebar we have some tutorials including video ones and if you read through our blog you'll find many other texturing hints and recipes.

Feel free to get in address on the right (not left as I said above :-) )

Martine Roch said...

this brand new set if FAB ! a really great addition to any good photo ;-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks Martine :-)

Linda said...

Jill, What is each group used for specifically...the tex boxes, painterlies, and fly edges. I need the information so I'll know what to buy. BTW, I'm labaronesa.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Hi Linda, apart from the edges which are a little more specialist, our other packs can be used to texture anything ie they don't have specific uses, though having said that, the two painterly packs naturally have more brush stroke type textures than the first two. If you look through the blog or through our photos you'll probably get more of an idea of how they work. Flickr mail me if you like?
Hope that helps a little, Paul may add to this answer too :-)

Rosie Grey said...

This looks gorgeous! This new set is very tempting... ;-)

Angelina Vick said...

I really like the Flypaper Textures, I use them on a regular basis in my work.

Unknown said...

Downloading as I excited!!

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks Elly! Make sure you visit our new Flypaper Textures website and blog too!

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