Monday, June 29, 2009

Gift Coupons

If you're stuck for a gift for a photographer friend we have Flypaper Textures Gift Coupons available at a variety of prices.

$35 Gift Coupon
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$65 Gift Coupon
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$100 Gift Coupon
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$140 Gift Coupon
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On purchase you'll be sent a Code which you can send to your recipient. When they visit the Flypaper site they simply add the product they want to the cart, enter the coupon code and will then receive their download.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

About Us

J&P aka Jill and Paul are flickr friends, based in New Zealand and France.
Paul is Mac based and Jill is PC, thus both bases are covered!

Our textural post processing work over the past several months has led to several inquiries asking where these textures might be found?
Naturally they were only on our own hard drives, and this wasn't a convenient place for you guys to look!
So we looked high a low for the right kind of place to keep these huge professional sized textures.
The size of a CD disc has also limited our first set to 25 textures @ 4000 x 4000 pixels @ the industry optimum 300 dpi quality.

We found this Blogger site ideal for our starting-off needs and have come up with a rather nifty new way of showing before/after use of our textures.
Simply by running your mouse over an image reveals before and after! We hope this will illustrate how textures can bring your imagery to life.

Many textures (though not all) are demonstrated here, most textures are in the first TexBox 1 set, including the very best textures and most sought-after.
More texture sets will follow if we get enough interest.

We've had loads of fun thinking up wacky names for the textures, both 'Nora Batty' and 'Leaky Garret' spring to mind!
Though naturally you'll need a very reasonably priced copy of the individually named textures inside TexBox 1 to fully understand!
We'll be delighted to answer your PP questions in the comment boxes and via emails.