Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Belle Toute Lighthouse

On my recent visit to England I returned to an old haunt of mine,
along the cliff edges of the Severn sisters. When I lived in London I'd often drive down to this place to get some fresh air and walk the dog. This 'Belle Toute' lighthouse was then on the top of the hill near Eastbourne and there was ample grass to walk around its frontage.
I'd guess where we used to walk has now gone into the sea below, as it seems around 20 meters of land has been eroded.
The lighthouse having also been moved back inland on rails that were dug under the building.
For more info on this famous building please visit their official website!

Processing was fairly straightforward, I used the CS5 HDR filter to first brighten the image, this is the base image shown.
The green sky colour mostly came from the textures, but added depth came from the use of a B/W copy of the base image.

Brushed Rose - Overlay @ 81%
Base image copy - Overlay @ 19% B/W Sky made darker with sliders
Iorek Ice Overlay @ 22 %
Apple blush Overlay @ 9%
Apple blush Overlay @ 9% flipped horizontal to balance edge tones
Necropolis - Soft Light @ 58% Slightly desaturated.

This image is only two thirds of the original format, the complete edit can be seen on my Photoshelter.

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

Wow, that's a lot of erosion! Wonder when they'll have to move it again.
Beautiful processing Paul, very Hopperesque!

paulgrand said...

Yes, they state that the land goes at an average of 60cm per year, I first went in the mid 1980's, around 25 years ago!

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