Friday, December 3, 2010

Magpies Gloaming

Complex city skylines are great to photograph, but sometimes focusing on just one tiny corner of a building is enough to suggest an atmosphere. Here, whilst staying with Martine I noticed her Dijon city buildings looked sufficiently different to mine, living in an ancient quarter, to try a few experimental architectural dusk shots.
Simply processed using one Flypaper texture; Matmos Lake, a current favorite, flipped vertically and smoothed, darkened the sky and enriched the tones. Gently brushing the texture from the shaded part of the building helped stop colour noise from developing.

Duplicated base image, CS5 Fake HDR colour slightly brightened copy, smoothed with the CS5 noise filter, Color @ 100%
Matmos Lake - Overlay @ 100% Flipped vertically and horizontally then smoothed with Gaussian Blur @ 100%
Matmos Lake - desaturated - Overlay @ 100% Flipped vertically and horizontally then smoothed with Gaussian Blur @ 100%
Gently brushed away from shaded side if building.
Bird layer from an earlier shot at the same location added and far right chimney removed by cloning tool.
See full sizes on my flickr

I Fall
On the subject of high places, my current favorite Iphone App is 'Ifall', developed by Josh Kahane, the wunderkind 17 year old son of a UK based photographic Art stock agency.
At just a few cents, this game with its bouncy music blows all the winter blues away!:-)
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Borealnz (Jill) said...

A wonderful transformation, the textures or rather texture have really given the image a the bird! Nice one Paul!

Martine Roch said...

oh dear... I feel like living "elsewhere" ! great change on this building Paul :-)

paulgrand said...


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