Thursday, June 9, 2011

jug and fresh soap

One of my greatest little luxuries is a really hot deep bath!
And then from that bath my favorite view would have to be of freshly scrubbed, bleached pine tops, scented with French hand made lavender soap. So I'm lucky, here in my little French house to have such a bathroom!

The thick pastel coloured oil painting on rough stretched linen behind the Habitat sourced bowl has only just dried after several months and was added for height. The water jug is antique English.
Normally I'd have an antique shaving mirror, but that's for a future picture! :-)
The French white painted antique washstand was purchased from Ebay France, I liked the two little underside drawers, where little things can be hidden.

Shot this morning in reflected sunlight, no tripod needed.

Recently we've been crazy about Lensbaby pictures, however, they can be a bit hit and miss, so I've come across another way of softening images before texturing to get a nice dreamy, hazy effect. Its simple, just use the old Orton effect free action at our friends Coffeeshop before the use of textures!

The before image above has already been desaturated, than a gentle Orton effect applied. The finished image has just two textures from Tex Pack 2.

Lime Plaster
- Soft Light @ 47% - Flipped vertically
Copy of base image Soft Light @ 30%
Lost Void - Screen @ 47% - Flipped vertically.

See it larger on Flickr

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Rachel Owens said...

Lovely! So light and wonderful. Makes me wish I had something similar!

paulgrand said...

Thanks Rachel! :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

So elegant Paul, wish I had such a bathroom also! And what a great idea to use the Orton to soften first -must try :-)

paulgrand said...

Thanks Jill, yes the out of fashion Orton effect is a dream combo with the classical texture addition.
I'll be trying it out with other subjects too!:-)

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