Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunflowers at days end

They say you have to suffer for your Art, and here is a prime example!
Who would have known that sunflower fields had to have many bee hives to pollinate all those flowers, and who would have known to carry a bee sting antidote in the car?
I do now... Ouch! I was stung on the palm of my thankfully left hand, which blew up to twice it's size!
Now I carry a small pot of Bicarb powder in the glove compartment, next to my photo filters!

Here is a square crop with a very simple, yet effective, one texture combo use, later zapped up in Nik color Effex Pro 3.
I simply upped the color brightness, the effect was like turning on a light switch!

Lyme Fossil - Soft Light @ 100%
Nic Color Pro 3 - Color brightness tweak.

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Espresso said...

Nice photo

paulgrand said...

Thanks Espresso, I suffered for it! :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

I love the richness the texture has added here Paul! Well done and well worth the suffering :-)

Doris said...

Ouch! Bee sting on your palm sounds painful. The injury didn't seem to hinder the creative process, though. This is beautiful. I love the crop.

paulgrand said...

Thanks, Doris and Jill!:-)

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