Monday, August 22, 2011

Thom Cross - Standing on the Edge of the World

Yet another Flypaper product to share, this time an indie pop CD/EP!
Several months ago I was contacted by Thom, originally a New Zealander, and now a London based musician who wanted to use one or two of my images, naturally I was delighted to help, and sorted him out with this and another image, as yet unused.

The Graphics were designed by Dublin based Steve Avrill, who many might recall designed the most famous U2 albums!
The original square format was left intact, - always a good sign!
We leave a music link here, kindly supplied by Thom, who is said to sound a little like David Bowie spliced with U2, but I can also detect a smattering of Suede!
Have a listen yourselves and let us know what you think, Im sure Thom would love to hear feedback, as for us here at fly, we love it!:-)

The recipe was shown some time ago, but I'll republish it here, using Flypaper Summer Textures.

Back in Brighton where I took many photographs on my late afternoon
visit, walking from one pier to the ruined West Pier. I remembered seeing it before I left England in the 1990's, It was being renovated into a huge restaurant/night club but had mysteriously caught fire.
Today this is all that remains of this Victorian iron construction, impossibly expensive to repair and left to rot gracefully like a whales skeleton.
For now this wreck is the perfect roosting place for thousands of migratory starlings!

The first landscape version had already been brightened and had Matmos Lake added,flipped vertically and desaturated. Jill suggested it would also be nice cropped square and re-textured. This is the result!

Simple, light processing was called for as there was already quite a lot going on texturally already.

From Summer Painterly I used:

Aquarius - Soft Light @ 100% desaturated to a pale blue tone
Brushed Rose - Soft Light @ 100%

A final tweak of the merged image to pull the sky tones together.

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Lynne said...

Fabulous! Congratulations on a superb image!

Borealnz (Jill) said...

That image was made for a CD! Congrats Paul!!

paulgrand said...

Thanks Lynne!:-)

paulgrand said...

Thanks Jill, we crossed!
Yes, thanks to your 'square crop' suggestion or this might never have been realized!:-)

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