Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jug and Bowl

I've always been fascinated by large austerely decrepit houses,
hankering back to my student house-rental days in Yorkshire.
Later in London, after seeing a big Gwen John retrospective exhibition,
I was reminded of those poor desolate student days where we'd burn furniture and even old platform shoes to try to keep warm!

Gwen John's small Parisian attic room with her pet cats were her world after her long affair with Auguste Rodin finished.
She was a master of the small austere three quarter portrait scenes on small panels and canvases.
Its said she slowly starved herself and finally disappeared in the coastal port of Dieppe, where she was perhaps trying to get back to England at the outbreak of the War in September 1939.

Now, years later I also find myself living in France, where these three quarter scenes must have come back to inspire me subconsciously, as I've not seen her paintings for years!

Getting back to the image, shot in daylight only from a right hand window, in my small austere house. The first raw image was given a little 'glamor glow' with a program such as Nik Color efex. Then using our Spring Painterly textures, I quickly attained a passable Gwen John painterly look!

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Colleen Farrell said...

Fascinating history of your 3/4 images and Gwen John. I love this image. I think the Spring Painterly Pack is my favorite of all the FP packs so far (I have all but the Autumn).

paulgrand said...

Thanks Colleen! :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Wonderful work Paul, and lovely background story too!

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