Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La tour romane

This 10th century Franco Roman tower is just outside the medieval village of Puissalicon.
Its just a short 10 min drive north from my coastally situated Beziers.
known as a veritable masterpiece of Romanesque art in Languedoc.
Its 4.3m wide and stands at 26m.
It was built as a bell tower for the church of Saint Etienne de Peazan priory.
These buildings are now lost in the mists of time, probably during the wars of religion. All that remains is a fragment of an arch top, left on display at the base of the tower. This tour is one of the most precious monuments of the region of Beziers.

I was very lucky to find this tour bathed in a biblical light, seeing this site much as the original 10th century Gallo-Romano people saw it.

Shot with a polarizor, using just 3 simple flypaper textures.
For the PP I upped the colour/brightness values and then used these textures:

Apple Blush with Soft light opacity @ 100%
Caramel Soft with Soft light opacity @ 100%
Orient Express with Overlay opacity @ 43%, Fill @ 72%

When I don't add the'Fill level', Its left at 100%.
If you have no Fill, you can just ignore this slider setting.

To see the full landscape version, please go to my Paul Grand flickr site!


Kristie said...

The before and after is amazing! You are so great at bringing the warmth out in an image, I just love it and haven't mastered that yet!
My biggest issue with textures (which I love) is that I work with portraits of I have to be careful not to cross the line, so to speak?
I'd love to see what you do to portraits of people with faces!

paulgrand said...

We're just looking into bringing a bit more 'life' into the blog!
Yes, its also a difficult line, Where do you stop with the textures?
Personally, I dont worry, I go to the max because you can bring out several versions and let the customer choose which they prefer..

Kristie said...

Hi Paul and thanks for posting a frontal view of a person! I saw you had looked at my flickr stream. Many times on textures I work hard to keep the splotches off of the skin and a little here or there on clothing. It is a fine line, you are so right. If I am shooting with more light than I like a texture will usually help tone down some of that glare if I don't want it. I've also went a little more scratchy and vinage-y on the skin as well and some people love it and some don't! Personally if I can make a new image look antique and more artistic (out of the norm from my comp) I've done my job if that was my goal..! :)

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