Sunday, February 21, 2010

brushes (with the law)

In my little old French house I have a kind of a studio,
where the walls are still rough as I've not yet decorated .
It used to belong to a Dutch professor of colour therapy.
He's still in France because I keep getting his speeding tickets!
Anyhow, he said this top north facing room was where he did all
his writing, and I can see why!:-)

After raving about all those cool dreamy, desaturated images in our flypaper group on Flickr, I thought I'd give it a go myself, and here's my first attempt. For those who have yet to discover 'desaturated flypaper textures' I hope this might help? Shot in Raw with natural light entering through open balcony windows, It gets the warm reflected sun from a yellow house opposite.

Dangerous Liaisons (desaturated) Overlay @ 23%
Backdrop - Hard Light @ 70%
Copy of base image - Soft Light @ 78%
Leaden Hall - (skirt cropped) Hard Light @ 45%
Colosseum Sienna (desaturated) Soft Light @ 45%

I shot this image in portrait format, the original is not a square, thus you might notice the top of the textures are missing from my image.

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ana_jo said...

great try, Paul:) that's what I do working on my desaturated sets,the studio story sounds so magical and must be inspired you a lot:)

paulgrand said...

Thanks ana! :-)

RRF said...

This is wonderful but so is the shot without the texture and desaturation. For me, the lesson here is to begin with a strong, well lit image. I have got to try this with a shot that that the technique will suit. I appreciate seeing the before and after and how you accomplished it~

paulgrand said...

Though, I wouldn't say too strongly lit, I think there should be 'some softness' to pull it off.
Naturally, a strong composition is always a bonus!:)

RRF said...

:-) strong composition was what i definitely meant and beautifully lit would have been a better way to say it than well lit. I like soft natural light so much. Each one of these shots from your "studio" is wonderful.

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