Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brave New Organic World !

What could be more quintessentially french-summer than a field of sunflowers? Though I have to discover a new field every year and
because they are rotation crops they tend to crop up in some very odd places, and so they have to be tracked down.
This field was found on the edge of the city, by the new high tech prison so I was lucky, other years I've had to drive for almost an hour to find one.
If only the Satellite navigator or even an Iphone app could be programmed for this!
Captured in early morning sunlight looking upwards with a polarized lens filter.

Purple Haze - Soft light @ 11%
(softly brushed from most of flower head)
Purple Haze - Base images Overlay @ 69%
(softly brushed from most of flower head)
Balthamos Blue - Colour Burn @ 23%
(middle softly brushed away leaving soft edge vignette)
Merge all together.
Duplicate this new base image, change the top image to a lush green tint in saturation.
Duplicated 2nd base - Hard Light @ 100%
Gently brush away the highlights of the sunflower and snail etc to reveal the original base colours
Duplicate this layer and :
Duplicated 3rd base - Hard Light @ 24%

See the finished image large on my redbubble or on Flickr

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

What a strong and striking image Paul, the texturing really adds to the drama!

Nanette said...

These are absolutely beautiful textures! Can you please tell me where to find the info on your site concerning which editions of Photoshop these will work with?

paulgrand said...

These textures will work with any edition of photoshop, including elements!
There are video tutorials too, just put video into the search box!
Glad you like them!:-)

Pam said...

I am SO HAPPY to have found you (through MCP)! The textures you have here are like none I've seen before. Even tried making some myself, without any success. I would love to play with these, but was wondering if you have any examples of the Fly Edges? Love the Summer Painterly!
Thank you.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Hi Pam, thanks for the comment. You can see the fly edges slightly bigger here

I often use them so you don't see the edges but I used one here for the grunge
and in this one

And Paul also uses the edges often for example in this great one of his

I'm sure he'll be back with more examples :-)

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