Sunday, November 28, 2010

English golf course

Back in England, I was held up by gales and so missed the leaf-peak by a few days, but rushed out on the first early morning after the wind had ripped away half of the golden leaves I'd gone over to capture. The golfers were only too happy to inform me I'd just missed the best of the leaf peak!
This is one of the best of a bunch, taken on a hilltop golf course in Surrey. The dark corners are from the polarizer, I've still not worked out how to automatically remove them from my new Canon D5 mark II camera, any suggestions would be most welcome!

Processing was very easy, first I chose Matmos Lake to darken the sky, flipped vertically and desaturated then blurred, twice.
I then used Rose Blush painterly effect, desaturated and a second layer in full colour to finish.

Matmos Lake - Soft Light @ 100% flipped vertically and desaturated
Matmos Lake - Soft Light @ 100% flipped vertically and desaturated
Rose Blush - Soft Light @ 100% desaturated, bottom edge lightly brushed away.
Rose Blush - Overlay @ 100%
See it bigger on Flickr
See it even bigger on black on Flickr

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

Can't help with your vignette problem sorry, except say I have tried removing a vignette in Camera Raw, but that's not automatic. Anyway I especially love what the textures have done to the sky here Paul.

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