Saturday, November 13, 2010


A recipe for this one was requested by Debbie over at flickr so I thought I'd do a quick blog entry for anyone else interested.
The roses are Cecile Brunner commonly known as sweetheart roses, I love their tiny perfect buds and blooms. I took many photos of them yesterday but this one was my favourite of the bunch.

Archival Canvas @ Soft light 68%
Mulberry Silk @ Screen 25% removed slightly from the focus flower
Peach Blush@ hard light 36% desaturated and lightened slightly using a hue saturation adjustment
Peach Blush @ Soft light 24%

Archival canvas and Peach blush are from Tex Box 2, Mulberry silk from the painterly set.
See it bigger on Flickr

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lisa said...

So absolutely gorgeous. I so enjoy visiting here. Your work is just phenomenal.

Cindy Mead (WoodSong Photo) said...

Jill, this is beautiful! So very romantic. I love the pastel colors and your texture choices are right on the money as usual. Lovely work!
(I can't comment on blogger blogs with firefox for some odd reason, so fired up netscape explorer for the first time in many months. Hope this works) ;)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks -it's a good texture combination for pastel photos by the way, I used pretty much the same recipe on my recent egg photo also.

paulgrand said...

Lovely, Jill!
I like the before also!

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