Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my own private little vineyard

Sunday morning was misty with freezing fog.
Thus not to miss a perfect texturing opportunity, I drove out of town to get some bleak countryside pics. This cute little scene was glimpsed from the car, and so I did a fast 'u' turn to get back to it!
The other pictures had the Cabana or Mazet with the vines leading up to it, this was the wild card, as is often the case, spotted as I left the scene. The recipe is correct, I always save the layers in their own job files. Thus I could, if I wished, just open up an old picture, and just click and drag the old textures across onto new pictures, it can save loads of time! Both Jill and I sometimes do this! :-)
Finishing touches were cloning out litter on the left and softening the top of the tree before adding the final Mulberry Silk texture, this pulled it all together. Some colour softening was also done with the colour sliders, to warm the tones.
I wonder if anyone else see's the similar cracked face in this image as seen in - 'My Own Private Idaho' Movie?:-)

Leadenhall - Linear Burn @ 20% - over sky only, rest brushed away. Flipped vertically and skirt pulled above image and cropped off.
- Soft Light @ 100% slightly desaturated.
Pompiii Stucco - Soft Light @ 100%
Apple Blush - Soft Light @ 67%
Leadenhall - Color Burn @ 20% over sky only, rest brushed away.Flipped vertically and skirt pulled above image and cropped off.
Antique Liaisons - Luminosity @ 11%, Flipped vertically.
Mulberry Silk - soft light @ 100%

See it bigger on Flickr

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Cindi said...

Very pretty image. It is very calming for me.

paulgrand said...

Thanks Cindi! :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Can't see the face but love the photo Paul -what idyllic scenery even in freezing winter fog.

paulgrand said...

thanks Jill! :-)

Andrea said...

Just beautiful!!

paulgrand said...

Thanks Andrea, its just been selected to join Getty Images!:-)

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