Sunday, February 6, 2011


As its still winter over here and too cold to get out much, I've been revisiting some of my old images from last summer.
I said summer but my visit to England in August was more like our winter in the south of France! This day was freezing, and more so on top of the white chalk cliffs at Birling Gap, near Eastbourne on the south downs.
These young cows were happily munching away, and I guess more so than usual as the strong cold sea winds kept the pesky flies away from them! Speaking of flies, this recipe is also refreshingly simple, I pulled out the original Necropolis from tex pack 1, dragged it over, pulled it down much lower than the actual base image as the corners do get darker and above also, I then cropped the middle out, discarding the rest.
A re-balance was important because the grass was too dark and heavy, the extra use of the same texture bleached to a milky colour sorted this out. I finished with a general brightening of the flattened image.
I could have carried on, cropping square perhaps and using more textures, but not today, today I draw a chalk line at just one texture! :-)

Necropolis soft light @ 20% on grass and cows only
Necropolis soft light @ 100% lightened to a very pale/milky green with colour sliders
Necropolis soft light @ 100% over clouds only

See the photo in glorious Cow 'o' rama on Flickr

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Kathleen Clemons said...

I so love my Flypaper textures! They add exactly the look I want to my images. Using them on lots of photos, and teaching my students about them in my Fine Art Nature Photography online class. You can see some of my textured images here:

Cindi said...

Wonderful photo! I would like to say I have recently started using your flypaper textures and I am very thrilled with my results. I'm still learning the different ways to use the textures, but I am having great fun doing it Thanks!

paulgrand said...

Thanks Cindi, if you get just a fraction of the fun we both get here at Fly, we'll be happy! :-)

paulgrand said...

Ooops I crossed!
Kathleen, we've had so many new members this year I thought I'd go back and do some basic recipes, your feedback here tells me I'm doing right! :-)
Naturally we'll be pleased to add your site to the sidebar with our other interesting links! :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

A wonderful result Paul, nice easy recipe too, must try it! :-)Well done as always!
(and thanks Cindi and Kathleen, glad you like your Flypapers).

Lynne said...

Beautiful photo with just one texture! The clouds are spectacular! England is gorgeous in the summer even though the weather is hit and miss. Since buying your textures, I have seen my photography go in a new and exciting direction. Thanks.

paulgrand said...

Thanks Lynne, I'll process some more from this batch as it seems to be popular! :-)

paulgrand said...

Thanks Jill!:-)

Anonymous said...

Will all respect to the quite lovely textures you make, this photo really doesn't need anything and looks better without the texture added. Too much texture is becoming the hipstamatic of 2011

paulgrand said...

Well, the other people above don't share your opinion. We've been texturing for several years, Btw, long before Iphone and their apps could do anything!
Getty Images would also take issue with you, as we regularly sell textured images through them and
we have many bookcovers both printed and in the offing.
Frankly, I dont understand why people would be looking at a 'texture site' when they are quite obviously purist?
Thanks for the initial kind words though!:-)

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