Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chalk path into mist

Here's another example of why we should always carry our camera on airport runs! I drove through thick fog banks from melting snow on the way to Gatwick airport in England over Christmas, being on the motorway it was impossible to stop, so I changed my route home to the minor country roads to capture some serous fog!
This was taken at a beauty spot, a big picnic area, that normally has a superb view of the surrounding chalk hills, you can see the white chalk path in this image, in fact the chalk is always just a few inches under all the grasslands in this protected area of the Surrey Downs.
Shot with a soft grad Cokin filter.

Continuing the conversation about texturing improving images rather than rescuing bad ones' here's an example, the base was ok, but needed some re-balancing.
Textures were used all over then gently brushed away at the darker sides, to try and even things up. A final colour tweak at the end with a flattened version helped pull all the colours together and cool the overall look.

The final result has, I've been told, the timeless quality I was looking for, possibly for a Romance period bookcover? Just a few days after publishing, Getty Images snapped this up as a rights managed image, so I guess they thought so too! :-)

Aquarius - Overlay @ 100% Bottom left hand corner brushed away
Europium - Soft Light @ 100 % all 4 corners softly brushed away
Rose Blush - Overlay @ 100% Bottom left and top right brushed away
Elysium - Hue @ 50% Blurred with Gaussian Blur

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

A beautiful result Paul, I'm sure a publisher will snap it up soon too :-)

Steve Law said...

Absolutely stunning - all the more so because it's my home turf. I'd have been happy with the original if it were my work, but then you go and do this to it...
Timeless indeed.

paulgrand said...

Thanks Steve and Jill! :-)

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