Wednesday, January 26, 2011

orbit around the winter sun

In January we often get these midwinter fairs, we think they all come south to over-winter, only returning to northern Europe in the spring.
It was nice to see this fresh white painted Ferris wheel as they're normally brightly colored.
Taken from the ground, with a circular polarizer, the camera turned portrait format.
A few snaps later, I was off to Apple Mac to buy a new 15" Macbook pro, to hook up to my 27" apple cinema display.
I'd been constantly warned these Macbooks weren't really strong enough to process huge Raw files, well I'm happy to disprove this myth!
I really wanted to be able to travel and process whilst away, but I still have the 2008 circa Imac and will now use both. I hope this info helps others decide!:-)
feel free to ask more mac set-up questions.

Processing was long, so I've shortened the recipe as much as possible,
I think it took all afternoon to get this looking something like the way I'd envisioned it. Remember, if you find your image getting too muddy, just add a base image copy as I did here.
My main goal was to get rid of that blue sky, and add a bit more mood.

We've recently heard that people think textures are just used to hide poor photography! Well, nothing could be further from the truth,
as we show in our before and after tutorials, everything is out in the open! Here at Fly we tend to use textures to enhance and bring out more mood from images, filling negative space with mostly organic texture, and some painting with light. We'll have more to say on the subject later!

Brighter HDR version of base image - Luminosity @ 100%
Pans Sky - Overlay @ 61%, softly brushed from parts and white frame.
Muscatel - Soft Light @ 100% Flipped vertically, softly brushed from top and bottom cabins.
Aquarius - Soft Light @ 100%
HDR base 2nd copy - color @ 100%
Muscatel - Soft Light @ 100%, softly brushed from top and bottom cabins.
Luminescent - Saturation @ 93%
Iridescent Brush - Soft Light @ 100%
Iridescent Brush - Soft Light @ 68%, middle brushed away
Iorek Ice - color @ 24%
Aquarius - Soft Light @ 14%

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

Have fun with your new toys Paul :-) Beautifully processed as always.
And yes, I agree, I rarely use textures to cover up faults in a photo, they're used to add depth and atmosphere, not to make a bad photo good.

paulgrand said...

Thanks Jill, exactly, 'depth and atmosphere'.
After all you cant turn a sows ear into a silk purse! :-D

honey said...

i can't seem to find your email, but i wanted to tell you that i just bought your summer pack because of keron psillas's super instructions and gorgeous photographs.

can't wait to try this!

paulgrand said...

Thanks Honey, Btw, our email is on the right, just below the white Getty Button!:-)
It Says:
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