Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Weeds often make the best photos! These are the small flowers from a weedy shamrock leaved oxalis that pops up in my garden every year. I have a garden full of pretty flowers at the moment and then choose a weed to photograph.

Anyway as requested here's the texture recipe.
I started by brightening and softening the image, I used a curves adjustment and soft pink fill at screen blending mode to do this
Mulberry silk @ soft light 28%
Brushed Rose @ Soft light 58%
Copy of background @ Soft Light 82%
Cobalt Cloud @ Linear light 38%
Archival canvas @ Linear Burn 49% masked from the focus flower area using a circular graduated mask, this layer was also desaturated and lightened a little using a hue saturation adjustment
Soft pink Graduated fill @ soft light 31% this was to brighten the top right corner mostly as it looked a little murky.
And it was done!

See it on Flickr

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Andrea said...

Love this!!

paulgrand said...

Yes, weeds are the rough, tough homeboys!
Very ethereal indeed!:-)

Rosie said...

This is so wonderful! Are those textures from the Painterly Pack?

paulgrand said...

Painterly Pack and Tex pac 2.
We always list the pack used in the Labels box
at the end of each feature! :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks everyone, glad you like've no idea how many incarnations this went through before I came to the final image :-)
Yes Rosie, Paul is correct. Archival Canvas is from Tex Box 2, the others are from the Painterly Pack.

Rosie said...

Thanks so much - I already bought Tex Box 2 and am saving up for the Painterly Pack! :-)

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