Thursday, April 14, 2011

À la recherche du temps perdu

Welcome to the first Flypaper Spring texture recipe! We're really pleased to be able to use the freshly named textures, as before naming we used various numbers and joked that they only really come to life once they are named!
During the extraordinary high spring tides a few weeks back, I tried out my new Lensbaby Compositor in the sea mist. Normally our beaches are dry so I always try to take advantage of the reflections from sand pools whenever there are high seas.
Processing was fairly straightforward, I wanted the paler Spring Textures to add lightness and heighten the ethereal quality of this cloud covered image.

Opal - Overlay @ 100%
Mystic Hues - Overlay @ 100%
Apple Moss - Soft Light @ 50%

Later I double processed the image to beef up and define the the overall look.

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Anonymous said...

Are you considering a combo pack deal of the two painterly packs?

paulgrand said...

We are looking at the deals, and are considering new
possible combo deals in the future, but new packs such as the Spring Painterly wont be discounted until the summer. Hope this helps? :-)

Borealnz (Jill) said...

A beautiful transformation Paul, and yes the textures definitely come to life when named!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I'm always fascinated with the names and wonder how you come up with them -- so many are from mythology, which is an interest of mine . . .

paulgrand said...

Lol, yes it can be hard if left late in the day to find names.
We normally think of a theme before we even start creating textures, Spring was ours, we went on from there, The Tempest, its light and airy ethereal spirits suited best.
For the Linen we discounted Monet as he's over used and found a little known English impressionist, who's skies look very impesto,
Sisley! Other names just come out of the air
like O du Nil ! :-)

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