Friday, April 29, 2011

three girls running

Firstly, Jill and I would like to say a big Hi to the fans of the DPS site!
It was a pleasure to answer questions for Mary Andrade's feature on -
'Tips for Texturing Photographs' over on the DPS site.
For all newcomers to to Flypaper, simply mouse-over the images for a fast before/after effect!

Just back from England where I was lucky enough to have mostly fine weather over Easter. A couple of times I drove to the coast and stayed in a beach front hotel in Eastbourne, with its dramatic white chalk cliffs,
it made an ideal base.
Its also my first time with a Lensbaby Compositor to try-out in cooler climes with their more opalescent light are ideal for the soft retro look. However, you still need to take care in over-bright, flat light conditions. Thus, most of my pictures from this trip were taken during the golden hour in the morning or evening.

With Britain's real high and low tides, you get these lovely wide expanses of wet reflective sand, something we don't get in the almost tideless Mediterranean!
Armed with tall wellingtons, I paddled out, when these three girls ran past, facing the setting sun I quickly snapped a few silhouetted pictures of them, this one is the best, but perhaps sensing a camera, the final girl running did an amazing cartwheel! I hope to try and rescue this more blurry image later..

The processing was fairly simple, just two Spring Painterly textures. And btw, the Lensbaby had no apertures inside, as I like as much light as possible to reach the camera. The sweet spot being towards the top of this portrait orientated image.

The bottom of the image was fairly dark, so I lightened it to the base image shown, then added these two textures;
Opal - Overly @ 100%
Creme Anglaise - Overly @ 100%

See it larger on Flickr

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Borealnz (Jill) said...

Beautifully taken and textured Paul, the lensbaby is perfect for this type of shot.
....and yes greeting to everyone from DPS!!
I'll catch up with everything when I'm home, am in Wellington at the moment :-)

paulgrand said...

Thanks Jill!
Lol, I wonder if Wellingtons will be needed in Wellington? :-D
Have a dry trip!:-)

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