Tuesday, May 3, 2011

at the watermark

Firstly, Jill and I would like to say a big Hi to the fans of the DPS site!
It was a pleasure to answer questions for Mary Andrade's feature on -
'Tips for Texturing Photographs' over on the DPS site.
For all newcomers to to Flypaper, simply mouse-over the images for a fast before/after effect!

Another dawn beach shot from Eastbourne on the English Channel coast. Taken with a Lensbaby Compositor with the aperture fully open.
The great thing about retro lens effects is the way they add a soft antique look when photographing subjects from another age,
in this case the ageless wave breakers. Without the lensbaby's softened edges this image would be quite different, almost abstract.
I could have left the image a darkly moody one, but chose instead to try and make it a little more painterly by using textures from the new flypaper spring painterly set.

Orange Blossom
- Overlay @ 54%
Umbra Eclipse - Overly @ 100% brushed away from bottom half
Opal - Soft Light @ 100% brushed away from top half
Newt - Color @ 19%

Afterwords the flattened imaged was brightened with the CS5 Adjustments - Levels.
The end result, I think you'll agree, is like turning the light on! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I found this site after the reading the article on Digital Photography School. I love all the textures and recipes. They just take the photographs, which are already quite striking, to a whole new level. I do have one quibble though, and that's with the links to the textures at the end of the post. For instance, in this post you use 4 textures from the Spring painterly set. But you include links to all the sets. I think you should just include the links to the set you used, it would be less confusing (at least to me) that way. Thanks!

paulgrand said...

We include several links to our various new deals which are otherwise sometimes hard to find.
Of course we cant please everybody, but we try!
Thanks for the positive feedback!

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Great texture work Paul, I love the softness the lensbaby gives especially when matched with our textures, you certainly are getting great results with that lens!

paulgrand said...

Thanks Jill, and Getty snapped up this image straight away ! :-)

Anonymous said...

I found you through Divas & Dreams blog, so glad I did. As soon as i stopped by i bought some textures, your spring set! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I even used them on my post for today, stop by and check it out. These were exactly what i was looking for... definitely will be following {hugs}

paulgrand said...

Thanks, glad you love them, we're loving this new pack too!:-)

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