Thursday, March 3, 2011


A few days ago I took delivery of a Lensbaby composer lens, it's something I have had my eyes on for ages but spurred on by Paul's photos taken using his, I decided to take the plunge. I've loved it so far and it's hardly been off the camera though I'm still coming to grips with finding the sweet spot if the lens is in anything other than centred.
Most of the shots I've taken so far have been landscapes so yesterday I decided to see if I could take some closer ones. The focusing distance is about 12 inches and although you can get a lensbaby macro filter for closer work, I don't have one of those, I do however, have a set of 52 mm close-up filters which screw onto the front of an ordinary lens, so I thought I'd  see how they'd work. Since I lack an adapter to attach the filter on the front of the "baby", I just held it in place in front of the lens and moved the camera in and out till I achieved focus and voila, this here is the result! The processing was relatively simple....

Fly Edges 3@ Soft light 100% removed from the flower using a radial graduated fill
Curves layer to add  a little contrast
Dawn Grunge@ Hard light 83% removed from the flower and  lighter parts of the image
Brushed rose @ Soft Light 100%

See it a little larger on Flickr

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Joy C. said...

These are beautiful! So taken by them...

paulgrand said...

Great to see you're already producing fabulous images after just a few days with the new Lensbaby Jill! :-)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous-love the image. I've been thinking about getting a lensbaby too and haven't decided, but this makes me lean more towards getting one!(great adapting what you have to get the macro effect...)

John Barclay said...

This is just beautiful Jill! You will love the Lensbaby and adding texture is a perfect match. Did you see the new Sweet35 lens Lensbaby just announced? Its backordered already but it looks great!

Cindi said...

Beautiful photo!

paulgrand said...

Thanks for the heads-up John, I'll be looking out for those! :-)
Jill is away for the weekend.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words!
@John...thanks, hadn't heard of that, another temptation for me :-)

Cindy said...

the soft pastels really make the image for me. Have fun with the lensbaby Jill! I love mine :)

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