Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flypaper Textures: Cow on the Hill

We visited our "hut" in the country during the weekend, it's situated beside a river in the midst of farmland so we had sheep over one fence, someone making hay in the paddock over the river and over the road there was a large herd of dairy cows.

I processed this lady with Flypaper Textures once again..
First was a layer of Dangerous Liaisons @Soft light 65% this brightened the image a little.
I followed with a layer of Nora Batty @ Overlay 100% this layer was blurred to soften the texture a little
Then I added a layer of my favourite Apple Blush @ Multiply 73%
Finally I tweaked the tone using a curve layer and added a slight vignette using the lighting effects filter (see my previous post for details on how to do this).
And the result...a more painterly cow :-)


RRF said...


I have a question re these textures which has nothing to do with this lovely piece of work. I usually work in Adobe RGB because sometimes I like to print on my home printer - I do change the photos to sRGB when posting to the web BTW. The textures are in sRGB so would it be best for me to change them to RGB before applying to my photos which are in that color space? Or does it matter? Thanks - going to try playing with the textures some more this week. Love them!

Borealnz (Jill) said...

Hi, sorry but I'm a bit clueless about colour space so I'm possibly not the best person to ask :-)
Glad you're enjoying the textures though.

paulgrand said...

I just looked and I see my Tex Pak is of RGB.
I've never come across sRGB!
Are you PC or Mac?
I think it makes hardly any difference how you use them.

RRF said...

Hi Paul,

I am on a Mac and have my color space set to RGB but when I open a texture to apply it to one of my photos a window opens and asks me if I am sure I want to apply the texture, etc. I think it probably doesn't matter because they seem to work just fine. I was mainly curious about it. I'll have to go back through my preferences and see if I can't just turn that warning off because it is mostly just adding a step to the process. Thanks for replying.

paulgrand said...

Ok, I'm also on a mac,
I think I used to get that box opening too! :-)

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