Monday, November 30, 2009


Another shot taken on a walk on the lovely Doctors Point Beach just to the north of Dunedin. These same people appear in a similar shot but I processed this one quite differently which shows how a different textures can give the same scene a whole new look. As well as some Flypaper Textures, I used a new one that will be available in a soon to be released pack once we've made up our minds what to include :-)

To start with I duplicated the the base layer, I then blurred that layer using the lens blur and added a layer mask and removed the blur from my subject, the people
The textures I used were
Tarte Tatin @Soft light 45%
Shargreen Bone @Overlay 45% This layer had a mask added to remove the texture from the ground area.
Bruised Saffron @ Overlay 13%
Lamp White Brush @ Soft light 25 % with the texture removed from the ground as before.
Unnamed new Flypaper (available soon!) @ Overlay 77%


paulgrand said...

Amazed by the textures change!

Manic Mother said...

This may be a really dumb question, but I am new to using textures and I bought yours a few weeks them, but what is the easiest way to remove texture from part of your picture...I keep using magic wand and deleting part of the image and pasting it back in...but there has got to be an easier way..right?

paulgrand said...

I use a soft erasor brush tool at around 10%
But I make a copy of the texture first in case I take off too much.
There are many ways, I'm sure Jill will want to add to this.

Borealnz (Jill) said...

The way I do it is by adding a layer mask and then using a soft brush to remove the texture from the the target areas, the advantage of this method is it's non destructive to your image and it's fully reversible. I'll do a mini tutorial very soon to explain more fully.

ana_jo said...

perfect! love this scene.

Susan Gary said...

This is stunning..I have a similar image..and if I remember to..I will try to edit it in this way...You two are just so talented..I love how you have the before and after deal too..wonder how you do that? I just added my mule deers on my new Facebook page..and put a link to your blog on it too!

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