Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flypaper Textures video tutorials

We were contacted by the lovely Kayla from Digiscrap101 a while back, she wanted to do a tutorial using our textures,
and of course we were happy to oblige. Here they are, hot off the press and it's very easy to follow.

Photoshop CS3 Video

Photoshop Elements Video:


paulgrand said...

Superb, many thanks to Kayla for those lovely clear and well spoken video tutorials, I'm sure that having both the CS3 and the Photoshop Elements, will clear up many questions as we can now all see the differences.

Who's next? :-)

ana_jo said...

they are great video tutorials. thanks Kayla.

Kelly said...

Love this! A very straight forward, easy to understand video. Did she say that overlay ("these are the days")was from Flypaper? Now I have to go back! lol
Where would that be if it IS yours?
Thanks! Kelly

paulgrand said...

Yes its a Flypaper feature,
All Textures were from the first Tex Pak one!
Sorry, I only just noticed this! O_O

Amanda said...

This is a brilliant tutorial. Thanks for sharing and helping!!

Connie said...

Great tutorial! I'm having a problem with the layer mask, it doesn't seem to be having any effect. I'm using Photoshop Elements 9, and I've done just what she said, including ctrl g, to clip it to the texture but when I use the brush... no effect, no matter what opacity I put it at... Any ideas?

paulgrand said...

Sorry, I dont use Elements, it sounds as if you've missed something out? What are you on, Mac or PC?

Connie said...

That's ok, thanks :)
I went through it again step by step and I think I had some steps mixed up. It seems to be working now, sorry to bother =o\
Love your textures and tutorials!

paulgrand said...

Hi Connie, glad you worked it out.
I know what its like when you first start on Photoshop, its very frustrating to do even the simplest thing, but by sticking at it, it comes naturally!:-)

Mark Primavera said...

Hi Connie it seems the "Digiscrap101" link is dead?

paulgrand said...

The videos are still working fine, or did you mean something else, please explain?;-)

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